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South Crew 2016 | Parkersburg South High School

I had a blast shooting the South Crew team from Parkersburg South High School this year. They are a great bunch of really hard working athletes.

south crew | lori pickens photographyThey were all very kind and respectful, but you could also tell they all knew how to have a good time.

south crew | lori pickens photography

One thing I love about custom portraits (rather than your generic poses), I talked with each member and together we came up with poses that fit their personality.

We even did some fun individual group shots for the ones that row together in a boat.

south crew | lori pickens photography

I also got to shoot some couple’s and best friends too. High school goes by so quickly, and it makes my heart happy to give these kids something that they can look back on with a smile.

south crew custom portrait | lori pickens photographysouth crew custom portrait | lori pickens photography




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