Lori Pickens


Southwood Park

After I got home from work, we loaded up the boys and took them into Southwood Park.  It’s ways a good time.  Sawyer thinks the volleyball courts are one giant sand box!


The boys love to swing.



They especially love it when Pap Pap lets them kick him in the tushy on their up-swing.  Pap Pap is so funny!


This great big smile makes me so happy!  Love my funny boy <3


We also did some climbing and sliding.  This little boy always finds a way to get the dirtiest.  We always leave the park with a shoe full of sand and dirt streaks on his face.


You may notice that Cohen is missing from these photos.  I promise we brought him along too.  There were some adult guys over playing baseball in the field next to the park.  Cohen spent the entire time trying to convince his mommy that he should be playing with them and that there was no way the adult strangers didn’t want him to be part of their game!

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