Lori Pickens


Sawyer’s Sick Day

Sawyer started running a fever last night and just hasn’t felt quite like himself today, so Mommy stayed home to take care of him.  Most of the day he just felt like laying around and watching Mickey.  After his nap, I decided to take him outside for a little bit and see if some fresh air would help him perk him up.


I think it seemed to help him a little bit.


He also found a tootsie roll pop downstairs.  He hasn’t really felt like eating or drinking much today, so I was just happy he was showing an interest in something edible.


It may have also had something to do with perking him up…


I hate when my little guys are feeling good, but it was nice to spend the whole day with him one-on-one.  Plus, I’m sure Cohen had a blast having Pap Pap all to himself today.

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