Lori Pickens


Coach lights, crown molding, and cabinets

Today they put up the new coach lights. We decided to swap the two beside the front door for the slightly smaller version. I think these look a lot better in the space.



They still match the ones on the mudroom door and the outside of the garage, and I think you can hardly even tell that they are different sizes. They each look proportionate for the space that they are in.



Clair also started putting the crown molding on the top of our kitchen cabinets. I love the way it looks! It really finishes off the cabinets, and the chocolate glaze really stands out on them.



They also installed our bathroom vanity cabinets and bolted them to the walls. That way we should be ready for Kerns Marble and Granite to come and measure tomorrow.



Nathan also went back out to Country Cabinets and picked up our laundry room cabinet. It is painted a cream color and then distressed with a chocolate glaze.


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