Lori Pickens


More work on the culvert

The DOH came back out today and worked some more on the culvert and the ditch along the front of the property. They now nave all of the pipes in the ground.



They also installed one of the two drop inlets.



It appears to be pretty flat, so that should make it easier for Nathan to mow around.



There is still one more drop inlet and grate that will go in at the beginning of the culvert, but I guess they think they are going to have to build that one in place.



While they were working on ours, they discovered that the one that runs underneath the road is very rusted out. So they scored the road and in a few days that are going to come back, tear up the road and replace the pipe.



They also told us that it is our their schedule to complete repave Smitherman Road at the end of the summer. Which is good news, because it certainly needs it!

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